Our Story

“From our heart and creative minds to your home! The GRANIA® brand is dedicated to offering consumers simple, attractive products that complement a home and help to make life a little easier”

Ania Gifford


Ania Gifford understands that the American dream isn’t something you’re handed, it’s something you build.

Ania grew up in Poland and immigrated to the United States in the early 1980s. With determination, she taught herself English and found work, but by her mid-20s she was a divorced single mom to an 18-month- old daughter. With family far away, Ania spent the next several years working as many jobs and hours as she could to make ends meet and give her little girl the life she’d dreamed of having.

Believing that you create your own opportunities, the shrewd businesswoman started her own residential cleaning service, which she eventually sold in order to move in a new direction with commercial clients. That business got her out of debt and solidly on her feet – just in time to meet her husband, Randy.

The adopted son of a hardworking family from Ohio, Randy has spent his entire career in the business world, selling consumer products to retailers across the country. With Randy’s encouragement, Ania opened a Polish deli in downtown Woodstock, Illinois in the late 2000s, where she prided herself in offering fresh Polish cold cuts, homemade salads and sandwiches every day.

Today, the entrepreneur works on the GRANIA® Products line of home goods, which are each designed to make life a little easier.