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How it works

Peels up to 5 hard-boiled eggs in under 10 seconds.

EGG STRIPPER®by GRANIA® with patented elliptical design spins & rotates eggs in water utilizing over 100 engineered nodules to loosen and remove the shells.

  • COOK

    Cook eggs covered for 12 min.(follow our instructions)


    Chill eggs in ice bath 10 minutes


    Shake eggs for only 5-6 seconds 

How To Use It




Frustrated peeling hard boiled eggs? EGG STRIPPER® is the simple solution, to quickly and magically remove egg shells from up to five eggs at once in under 10 seconds. It’s a unique, crystal clear, sleek egg shape design with over 100 nodules on the inside to help loosen the shell. To limit a mess in your kitchen, we carefully designed our product with large base and opening in the middle so that you have easy, no mess access to remove eggs. After done peeling eggs, use the container to store up to 10 peeled eggs in the fridge. Limited cabinet space? No problem! Flip the lid upside down into the base to save storage. BPA Free.

EGG STRIPPER® truly is a fun for the whole family! so easy to use, even a child can do it! Enjoy! ! 


Should I wash EGG STRIPPER® before initial use?

Absolutely! EGG STRIPPER

will be in direct contact with your eggs, therefore we strongly recommend washing with regular dishwasher soap and water before first use. Dry with hand towel.

    Tip: Initial opening may be tight fitting at first but it will loosen after few uses. Do NOT over-tide when closing to shake eggs.

Can I peel warms eggs?

Yes, but you still need to run some cold water over them to stop boiling and then shake gently not break the eggs

Can I peel Eggs that are unpeeled left in the fridge?

Yes, you can, follow the regular shaking instructions.

What if one of my eggs break while shaking?

Please read instructions thoroughly.  If an egg breaks in the process, you need to make sure eggs are cooked and chilled long enough and don’t shake too long & too hard. Standard shaking shouldn’t take more than 5-6 seconds. Keep practicing, you’ll  get the hang of it.

What if one of the shells won’t come off?

Although our test results have been amazing, eggs can vary at times. Fresh and organic eggs can be more difficult to peel. Best to let eggs age in your fridge if possible. If you get a stubborn egg, just leave it in the water and massage with fingers to slide off the shell.

When is GRANIA® Products releasing their next product?

Stay tuned to our social media sites as we are already in the design stage of new products to make your life easier.

Is the EGG STRIPPER® Dishwasher Safe?


dishwasher safe on the top rack...BUT, we recommend hand washing it to preserve the crystal clear appearance.

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