NEW 3-Egg EGG STRIPPER® by GRANIA® | Hard Boiled Egg Peeler

Frustrated peeling Hard-boiled eggs🤔🥚? We have an EGG-cellent News for you!!

GRANIA® Products is now offering two sizes of the world's best Multi Hard Boiled EGG PEELER!📣🥚😍 

3-Egg, EGG STRIPPER® is now AVAILABLE in vibrant Red/Clear color, to easily peel up to 3 Eggs at once in seconds and store odor free in the fridge up to 6 peeled eggs 😮👍 

You'll absolutely love our New and Improved 5-Egg Deluxe EGG STRIPPER® with added side wings for easy opening 🙌🥚😃 Our deluxe unit will store up to 10 peeled eggs, odor free in your fridge.

BPA Free. Dishwasher Safe, top rack.