EGG STRIPPER® Gives Homemakers & Chefs Fastest Way to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs

EGG STRIPPER® Gives Homemakers & Chefs Fastest Way to Peel Hard-Boiled Eggs 

The perfect deviled egg is now just a shake away thanks to the EGG STRIPPER®, a new kitchen gadget from GRANIA® Products that peels up to five hard-boiled eggs in less than 10 seconds.

“It’s like performing a magic trick in your kitchen,” says Ania Gifford, owner of the GRANIA® brands, which created and sells the ingeniously simple chef’s tool.

With a sleek egg-shaped design made of BPA-free plastic, the gadget uses a bit of water and over 100 specially engineered built-in nodules to loosen and remove the egg shells by simply placing the eggs inside it and shaking the EGG STRIPPER® in your hands for a few seconds. It’ll peel up to five eggs at a time  and can conveniently store up to 10 peeled eggs in the refrigerator until they’re needed for your favorite recipes.

Gifford, a Polish immigrant and grandmother of one, used to own a Polish deli in Chicago and remembers the early mornings of tediously peeling eggs by hand to use in her sandwiches and salads. “I wanted to buy local farm-fresh eggs and do it myself, but it takes up precious time that any cook on a schedule doesn’t really have,” she said.

Homemakers, restaurant owners, caterers, everyday culinarians and party hosts will save time and with the attractive kitchen tool, as the EGG STRIPPER® leaves eggs perfectly peeled. The shells are easily discarded once the eggs are taken out, and the EGG STRIPPER®  is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze too.

The EGG STRIPPER®  is now available to pre- order on with an expected release date - mid December 2017, BUT it will be available for purchase on HSN American Dreams Monday night show October 30th at 7PM ET.

About GRANIA® Products

GRANIA® Products – Forever Simple Solutions is a home goods business based in Woodstock, Illinois. Founded by Ania Gifford, the GRANIA® brand is dedicated to offering consumers simple, attractive products that complement a home and help to make life a little easier. The EGG STRIPPER® is GRANIA® 's debut in the retail market; other products for kitchen are set to be released in the near future.