Watching My American Dream Come True....HSN 10/30/2017 at 7-7:12PM ET

I have so many emotions swirling through my head – nervousness, excitement and disbelief among them. The American dream is literally happening for me this Monday, Oct. 30 as I step onto the set of “HSN American Dreams” with Adam Freeman and Marc Portney        at 7 p.m. Eastern Time to show the country the fruit of my labor and the product of my dreams – the EGG STRIPPER™ I have to pinch myself thinking back to the day I came to the United States from a small town outside Warsaw, Poland, so many years ago. I was just 19 and had nothing with me except a small suitcase of clothes. It took 34 years of hard work, persistence and determination to get to this moment, as well as a ton of unconditional loving support from my family and friends, and for that I’m so appreciative.

This turn of events is proof that the American dream isn’t just a tired cliché, it’s a real tangible thing. That when you have a good idea and put the full force of your belief and hard work behind it, good things can and will happen. When I happened to meet our HSN Representative back in 2015 at the International Housewares Show in Chicago, I introduced him to the EGG STRIPPER™ and he believed so strongly in it, just by watching a homemade video on my phone, that it fueled my confidence and ambition that much further.

Two years later, here we are.

The idea for the EGG STRIPPER™ is so simple. It was created to solve the frustrating, time-consuming and messy problem of peeling multiple hard-boiled eggs. Not something that would save the world, but something simple that would save the average cook, caterer or kitchen chef a few minutes and a load of stress. And it really works!

To everyone who has believed in me, encouraged me and assisted me along the way, I can’t thank you enough. I hope everyone out there will tune in on Monday to see the EGG STRIPPER™ work its magic and my American dream come true!

Thank you :)