Peel Hard Boiled Eggs With Ease

When it comes to peeling hard boiled eggs, everyone has their own particular method.  Some use the edge of a spoon to tap a line around the center of the shell.  Some bash it whole egg against the counter or roll it between their hands.

These methods get the job done, but waste precious minutes in your already busy morning, and make a massive mess in the process.  If you’ve often thought there must be a better way, you’re not wrong.  Egg Stripper has the fast and easy solution, thanks to a hard boiled egg shell remover that will revolutionize your breakfast, lunch, hors d’oeuvres, or any meal where quick protein is on the menu.

You never again have to blister your fingers peeling a hot egg shell or wind up with crunchy bits in your breakfast bowl or salad.  Peel three-five eggs in seconds with Egg Stripper’s easy and convenient egg shell removers.

Peel Egg Shells with Undeniable Convenience

Other egg peeler products cannot compare to the convenience of Egg Stripper, the only multi-egg peeler on the market.  With Egg Stripper, there’s no muss, no fuss, and you can peel up three-five hard boiled eggs in five seconds, with a flawless finish.

The unique, crystal clear, egg-shaped design is equipped with 100 nodules on the inside that loosen and remove shells when you shake.  The egg goes in whole and shelled, you shake for 5-6 seconds, and when you open the top, pristine eggs have been totally separated from their shells.  All you have to do is pull them out and dispose of shell remains.

Even better, once you dump the shells, you can use your Egg Stripper to store up to ten peeled eggs in the fridge.  When you need to store your Egg Stripper, the top flips over to nest in the bottom, saving space.

Eggs Made Easy with the Best Boiled Egg Peeler

Nobody makes just one hard boiled egg.  Whether you’re prepping food for the week, throwing together a Cobb salad, or arranging a tray of classic deviled eggs for a party, you’re likely to boil several eggs at once, and this can leave you waging a lengthy battle against fractured egg shells.

Egg Stripper shortens the process considerably.  All you have to do is boil eggs, covered, for 12 minutes, allow them to rest in an ice bath for 10 minutes, and then pop three-five eggs into the Egg Stripper with water and shake for 5-6 seconds to completely remove shells without damaging your eggs.  This handy boiled egg shell remover takes all the frustration out of the peeling process and gives you perfect eggs that are ready to eat in seconds, with zero mess.

Your Brilliant Solution for Breakfast and Beyond

Hard boiled eggs are the workhorse of the modern diet, providing a healthy source of protein and nutrients that can be eaten alone or paired with any number of ingredients to create a delicious dish.  The only drawback is removing the shell.

With Egg Stripper’s hard boiled egg peeler, you can take the annoyance and guesswork out of eliminating shells.  Hand-peeling can leave you with rogue bits of shell clinging to your eggs or polluting your favorite recipes.

There’s nothing worse than biting into a hard, gritty shell while enjoying your egg salad sandwich.  Egg Stripper offers the most effective, efficient, and mess-free means of shelling your hard boiled eggs, with no lingering bits of shell to ruin your recipes.

Other egg peelers will cost you the same amount of money and shell just one egg at a time.  With Egg Stripper, you get the fast, convenient, and affordable solution you need to peel 3 hard boiled eggs at a time with ease.  There’s no better way to finish food prep and get on with your day.