Let the American Dream continue – We are back on Live TV Home Shopping Network (HSN), two days in a row! Tune in February 18th at 1am CT (2AM ET) and February 19th at 6pm CT (7PM ET)

First things first! Remember our successful debut on HSN back in October 2017?  We sold out our Egg Stripper supply in just EIGHT MINUTES of being on HSN’s live “American Dreams”! It was an accomplishment I can still hardly believe, and I’m so, so proud of this product. Back then, we did share with you that we have already been invited back to HSN, but did not know when it will be happenning.

Well, let my American Dream continue on, because it is happening again - not once, but twice! Watch HSN live this Sunday, Feb. 18th at 1am CT (2AM ET) and “American Dreams” Monday Night Show with Adam Freeman Feb. 19th at 6pm CT (7PM ET)!  I can’t wait to take what I learned and rejoin this beautiful TV family.

During my TV debut I had a chance to show the country the fruit of my labor and the product of my dreams – the EGG STRIPPER™.  Since then, my hard work became more intense! As many successful enterprenuers say, ...”if you are serious about reaching your lifes goal and achive exceptional success, you have to work hard and take substantial risks!” , and yes that is exactly what GRANIA® Products team is doing! As a reward, during this very short period of time, we were able to successfully get set up on Amazon.com and within barely 2 weeks, Amazon recognized the EGG STRIPPER™ as ‘#1 New Release’ product in peeler category! Another great accomplishment we are very proud of. Why am I not surprised, simply because the idea for the EGG STRIPPER™ is so simple and it was created to solve the frustrating, time-consuming and messy problem of peeling multiple hard-boiled eggs. Not something that would save the world, but something simple that would save the average cook, caterer or kitchen chef a few minutes and a load of stress. And it really works!!

Once again I want to thank everyone who has believed in me, encouraged me and assisted me along the way! I’m so appreciative of my husband always being here for me and  supporting me on this amazing journey.  I hope everyone out there will tune in Sunday and/or Monday to see the EGG STRIPPER™ work its magic again and my American dream keep blooming like a spring flower! Please share this blog with everyone you know, to encourage them to go after their dreams!