Kids Role in Quarantine Life 2020

This quarantine life isn’t easy for any of us but we have to make the best of it  and help each other as much as we can to stay busy while at home.

When it all started, I thought, I would have plenty of time on hand to cook daily for the whole family, experiment with different recipes, and it almost sounded super exciting! I realized after about 2 weeks of spending most of my time in the kitchen making 3 meals a day, I felt that I should be involving the rest of the family members, especially the little ones. To start, I thought if the recipe was simple to make then I can make it fun for the whole family :) Naturally for me involving eggs 🥚 was a key to create healthy, organic, delicious and nutritious meals🥚. There is an endless list of yummy egg recipes that everyone loves including our kids. One of the most popular being our oldest and most famous egg salad sandwich. Not only many of the recipes are very simple & easy to make but you can also involve your kids to help you in the kitchen!  How cool is that! Note that, cooking offers children a variety of learning experiences. Cooking  gives children a sense of responsibility, and it’s important to compliment and praise your child’s efforts. Let them mix together recipes and substitute different ingredients. Cooking teaches children how to use his eyes, ears, nose, skin and tongue to observe different things. In addition, kids can improve their fine motor skills when helping out in the kitchen. Increase your child’s enthusiasm for science and math through cooking. Cooking can boost a youngster’s self-confidence. Support your children in taking on the task. Allow them to help prepare a meal for the family. This will help them feel important in their contribution. Work together with your children as part of a team. Cooking provides opportunities for parents and siblings to spend quality time together.

We are all in this together and we will make it through this being wiser, stronger and closer than ever as a family.

Hang in there! Stay Safe! Stay Healthy! Stay Strong! and most of all Stay Home just a little longer!