How was the EGG STRIPPER® born?

I was always using lots of hard boiled eggs for different recipes making eggs for kid’s meals, my snacks, salads, appetizers to bring to parties, holidays. As much as I love all those dishes I was getting discouraged making them because of the frustration that came with peeling hard-boiled eggs, shells coming off in little pieces, stuck to egg, not even wanting to separate from egg whites leaving me with just egg yolk! I kept wasting so many eggs!

 One morning my husband asked me-why was I throwing eggs away? And to hear him say that out loud, I realized I’ve finally had it! I said, there must be a better way?!?

First, I started looking online if there was any device in the market I could buy to help me peel hard boiled eggs, but had no luck finding anything! Then I remembered, years ago I owned a polish deli and we would purchase pre- peeled hard-boiled eggs in bulk from a food supplier, to save time peeling them. Then I thought? How do these big hard- boiled egg suppliers peel so many eggs? I researched the type of large equipment they use, started designing on a piece of paper and made my first prototype. I contacted an engineer and designed a smaller version for the person at home in their kitchen. The EGG STRIPPER® was born….