Frustrated Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs

We all agree that peeling hard-boiled eggs is the most frustrating activity in the kitchen!

Yes, if you google “How to peel hard-boiled eggs, you’ll probably find multiple recommendations. 

So, who’s right???  After cooking and peeling over 3000 eggs, we feel we qualify to give the ultimate guide to peel hard-boiled eggs successfully.

Did you know that aged eggs are much easier to peel than fresh eggs? Eggs have an air pocket in the top portion of the egg, and as they get older, this air pocket gets larger making peeling much easier. So, if possible, let your eggs age in your fridge after purchasing from the store for a couple of weeks and you’ll see the difference. Also, keep in mind that white eggs can sometimes be easier to peel, than brown eggs, that tend to have a thicker shell and harder to peel.

To help you get started on a path to less frustrating process of peeling hard boiled eggs, we’ve put together this guide to properly cook, chill, shake and peel hard boiled eggs with Egg Stripper!

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